HoA and Google-Slides to create multi format instructions

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It is possible to quickly generate a print format instructional resource from a video #screencast, using #Google-Slides

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There are many reasons to want a printed version of any information. Some people need it for offline viewing, others as a slower more deliberate form of study, others for comprehension, etc. This example looks at how to quickly produce a print format document using Google Slides from a screencast recorded with Hangouts on Air


In an interview of Fashion and Textiles students discussing the types of instructional resources they value, not only did we discover that they appreciated resources that were created by their teacher, but that they prefered video, slides and print formats depending on the information and their level of proficiency. So we were compelled to find an efficient method of producing all three formats.


  1. Use Hangouts on Air to record your video.
  2. Index key scenes in the video by commenting in the timecodes and brief annotations on the video’s Youtube page.
  3. Screengrab those key frames and place the resulting image in a Google Slide presentation, copy paste the annotations.
  4. Consider graphic enhancements such as highlighting key areas of the image and adding notations.
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[…] HoA and Google-Slides to create multi format instructions […]