Using a smartphone and Youtube to create and distribute instructional videos

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Smartphones record video and upload directly to Youtube. Why not record an interview, a how-to and distribute it from Youtube?

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Betty Kanzurovski needed to video capture a teacher demonstrating how to sew a pocket so that those who couldn’t see the demonstration well, could review it later. With a Youtube account and channel set up already, Betty used her smartphone to record the demonstration, then uploaded the video to Youtube on the university wifi. Not only could the students now see and hear the demonstration more clearly, they could see other videos demonstrating a great many other ways to make pockets. Betty uses the best of those other videos in a Youtube playlist and embeds that playlist into her course website.


When studio demonstrations take place, some of the students can’t get a good vantage point to watch it, or they lose track when they miss a critical bit of information. Betty’s video recording helps to ensure that everyone in the class has a copy of the video to recall. Distributing it on Youtube offers the students links to a range of other good video demonstrations from other teachers. Students still come to class, but with the videos on Youtube they can recall the demos on their phones or computers, keep up with the overall course when they miss demonstrations, and get different ideas for their own projects.


Use the camera app on your smartphone to record the video. Make sure there is enough light on the subject (keep the light source behind you), and make sure you’re recording clear audio (be no further than one metre away). When viewing the video playing back, look for a “share” button. When you click that there is most likely a Youtube option. You’ll need a Youtube account to proceed. Make sure your phone is connected to Wireless before you upload the video. Once on Youtube you can edit the video if you like.

Technical Support

More information is available from the Youtube help pages.


Betty Kanzurovski (TAFE Teacher, School of Fashion and Textiles)

Leigh Blackall (Educational Developer, School of Design and Social Context)

Photo credit: Public domain image via Pixabay

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