2015 was just the beginning

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2015 saw the establishment of the Digital Learning Team in the College. With the edict to ‘support digital learning and teaching’ in DSC and a team of 5 educational developers (2 working on GLbD full time) we set off to engage with teaching and support staff through projects, professional development activities and the e-learning innovation incubator (EII). Soon we were busy working with all sorts of digital projects and by July our team expanded to include a production team – a graphic designer and a video producer.

This info-graphic is a representation of the kind of work we engaged in over the year. As a snapshot of our work it helps show where effort was placed, the breadth of work completed as well as providing a point from which to plan 2016.


So, where to this year? First we will take what we learnt from 2015 and note what worked and what didn’t. We will consult with each School to establish their priorities in the digital learning learning space and we will look at this in the context of the College and University strategic plans. We will review our manifesto to ensure it is still true for our team and then use it as the basis for how we work. We will then welcome 2 new educational developers to our team.

Finally, just like a good cake recipe, we will take all these ingredients and carefully mix and bake them to create our plan for 2016. Stay tuned for updates.

Image by Kerdkanno. Pixabay CC0 1.0

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