New York Study Tour

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New York

It was a pleasure to be able to speak with Kerin Elsum’s students about curating the material they develop during their current study tour of New York. Students in the Bachelor of Advertising do an annual study tour to New York. While there they get the opportunity to gain experience within 3 media design studios including Sesame Street!

As preparation for the trip I was able to show them how to use Twitter. Twitter could be used for keeping touch with each others as peers while travelling. As well it can be used both for navigating their way amongst the potential connections and mentors in these agencies.  We also discussed using hashtags for linking the project together and curation of their artifacts.

Students used  the hashtag #nycst2015on Twitter, and Instagram where you can see their activity.

As a reflective activity capturing a nutshell of what they had learned, students created a Vine an example of which is below.

Feature image licensed Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Stefano Ravalli

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