Virtual interviews for Careers Education students

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Virtual interviews (prerecorded videos using actors) for the careers advisers online course give students the opportunity to have more realistic scenarios with people seeking careers advice.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Career Education and Development must take the course, Professional competencies,  for career development practitioners.  They are asked to work intensively with one of seven ‘virtual’ clients across the duration of the semester.

Currently each virtual client scenario appears as a written passage – as a story in text for each client – broken up into ‘episodes’ or contacts that the student encounters as they work their way through the curriculum.  This project will involve substituting the written passages with video of actors, posing as the clients, bringing to life the story of their career development, and the events and issues that are arising for them.  Program Director Michael Hastings (Postgraduate Careers Programs), and Career Development and Education Lecturer Judy Heard have initiated this project with the aim that having virtual interviews – that have a face and voice – will prove more engaging for students and enhance their learning.

Seven scenarios have been scripted by the head teachers involved, each scenario is broken up into 4-6 scenes (monologues with characters talking to camera). All together a total of 37 videos will be needed and 9 – 10 actors. These videos will be embedded into the existing Careers Education course portal that students work from.

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