Using shared calendars in projects

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The GLbD Express workshops here in the College of Design and Social Context here at RMIT involve taking an in-depth look at a course—who studies it, who teaches it, what it’s about, and how it’s delivered and assessed. Check out our other posts about Express for more information.

Have you noticed the other calendars in your Google Calendar? There’s usually one for birthdays, and public holidays (we like those!). Well, you can create your own calendars too. Handy for planning leave with your spouse, or when working on a project with other people.

We use shared calendars, especially because we need to manage multiple projects, so it helps to be able to view one calendar at a time and look at events past and future. We also sometimes set multi-day items in the shared calendar, with details in the item of what’s happening and who’s doing what. This creates a bar stretching across those days, and gives a quick signal on what’s due and when.

You can switch shared calendars off and on by clicking the coloured box in the list of your calendars.

Image: Calendar by Dafne Cholet on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)


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