Using Google Drive in GLbD projects

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The GLbD Express workshops here in the College of Design and Social Context here at RMIT involve taking an in-depth look at a course—who studies it, who teaches it, what it’s about, and how it’s delivered and assessed. Check out our other posts about Express for more information.

We’re using Google Drive to share and collaborate on documents in the Express projects. Once your project is underway, the Educational Developer will have shared a folder with you, and given you edit rights on that folder and everything in it. If you’re not sure, or want to request edit access, all project folders are view-able within RMIT here.

In your folder you will have copies of the Persona and Course Map templates, as well as the Project Action Plan. Don’t delete these files, but you’re welcome to edit them. Add any other files to the folder that you think are relevant to the project.

Here are Google Drive help pages and videos

If you want to stay up to date with the latest developments on Google Drive, follow their G+ Page or their Blog.


Image ‘Filed Under “Folders”‘ by Domiriel on Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

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