Staying in the Digital Learning loop at DSC

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If you’re interested in keeping up with the Digital Learning Team here at DSC, including Global Learning by Design and other projects, you may be interested in how we’re distributing information. There are a few simple ways to stay in touch:

  1. Subscribe to the website to receive email alerts
  2. Follow the G+ Page and seeing the announcements in your G+ stream
  3. Join the G+ Community and either see the community messages there, or by email if you have alerts turned on in your Community settings

How to subscribe to the website

If you’d rather avoid the whole G+ experience and remain anonymous, you can simply subscribe to the Digital Learning Team’s website by Email or RSS. Of course, you could do this as well as through G+, and they both might be useful to know for your own teaching practice.

How to follow a G+ Page or join the Digital Learning @ DSC G+ Community

  1. If you want to use your RMIT Google account, you’ll need to agree to the RMIT terms and conditions on the opt-in page
  2. It’s important that you update your G+ profile page with a photo and something about yourself, so everyone can know something about who you are, and that you’re not an unused or spam account.
  3. Search G+ for “Digital Learning Team” and follow that Page. You might like to organise it into a circle, or not.
  4. Search G+ Communities for “Digital Learning @ DSC” and request membership. This community on G+ is private but people or accounts outside RMIT can be invited or request to join.

How to use G+ on your mobile device

G+ offers an app for both Apple and Android Devices. These apps greatly improve the usability of G+ on a mobile device. If you use a device other than Apple or Android, then you can still access and use G+ through the web browser.

The automagic – How it works

Behind the scenes, there is some techno-magic at work. When we post a resource, announcement or link to the Digital Learning Team’s website, it automagically relays to the Digital Learning Team’s Google+ Page where we can then forward it onto the Digital Learning @ DSC Community hub on G+.

For example, the GLbD Semester 2 start up workshop invitation was originally posted on the Digital Learning Team’s website. Some people will have seen that invite on the website, or received it by email because they have either subscribed to the website or we manually sent them the invite. That same invite was automatically copied to the Digital Learning Team’s Google+ Page, where it reached several others who follow news there. We then sent it into the Digital Learning @ DSC G+ Community, where it reached even more people. Across all, we used the #GLbD tag, to group it with all other information to do with GLbD.

Sounds complicated? Aren’t you glad we’re not doing this in Facebook and Twitter as well! Not yet anyway 😉

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