Managing and editing videos on Youtube

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Youtube is a convenient and reliable space for hosting and curating video content. It also has a basic editing suite built-in, including tools to trim, split, combine and add titles and subtitles to clips. If you create video lectures, screencasts or demonstrations, these tools will prove useful to get the best output and to be able to re-purpose your content over time.

Youtube Creative Suite

The video playlist below covers a range of activities to edit and manage your content on Youtube, including changing the privacy settings and deleting your videos. (To navigate the playlist, click PLAYLIST in the upper left corner of the Youtube player.)

Using Playlists

While creating your own content is often preferred or necessary, playlists allow you to curate content, as the example above demonstrates. When you’re embedding content in your website (Blackboard, Google Site or other) this places all the videos into one video player, and automatically updates itself as you continue to update and tweek the content through Youtube.

For more tips on how to use Youtube, browse our youtube tag.

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