3 Audio Feedback Tools

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In a recent discussion with Scott Mayson in RMIT Architecture and Design he highlighted the importance of voice nuance in studio assessment feedback. He explained how feedback often contains subtle (and valuable) emotional content that can be missed when feedback is in text only.

Most of us are already aware of the audio feedback tool in Grademark. This tool enables an audio feedback of up to 3 minutes on each piece of assessment submitted through Turnitin in Blackboard.

Scott has been using the capacity within Adobe Acrobat to insert audio into Pdf documents as demonstrated in the video above. The advantage of this type of feedback is that it becomes transportable outside of the LMS, should a student wish to include such a document in their eportfolio.

A simpler equivalent might be Kaizena, especially if you don’t have access to Acrobat. Kaizena allows you to give as many voice comments as you like throughout a Google doc. Kaizena works as a Google add-on and as such is yet to be enabled at RMIT. It is expected that this will be turned on during 2015.

Here is a guide Cathy Leahy has created for using the voice feedback tool in Turnitin.

What is your preferred way of giving online feedback?

NB. For those of you interested in video feedback check out this resource.


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