Elearning Innovation Incubator (EII)

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The Elearning Innovation Incubator is a DSC initiative established in 2014 to foster elearning innovation in a collaborative way and build leadership within and across our schools. Each school nominates up to two staff (1 VE, 1 HE) to join the group for the sole purpose of exploring and researching innovative technologies that are 10 years in advance. Howard Errey and Erika Beljaars-Harris facilitate the group, however only in the capacity of being able to support the members in their quest to explore new elearning frontiers. The group has the opportunity to develop its own goals and direction dependent upon the focus of the many projects that get established. In 2014 we had a number of successes over a short time frame, check these out here. For 2015 the group is already starting to narrow their focus on the following innovative areas:

  • Aurasma  www.aurasma.com
  • Studios
  • Google Apps
  • Badging
  • Use of GoPro in classrooms
  • Google Sites

Find out more about the community in Google plus or follow the project blog.

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