3 video annotation options

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In one of our projects we have been wanting to tag various places within videos. Here area few of the options that emerged.

1. You can within Youtube, link to a specific time within a YouTube video:

Tube Chop

Thanks to RMIT’s Youtube communities expert Blair Wilde for this last solution.
2. Tubechop is a service that helps you cut out sections in YouTube videos. It makes available a link and embed code for the new section of video you have created.

Tube Chop

3. Video notes is an open source platform that allows you to timestamp notes against a YouTube video. All the notes you type are automatically synchronised with the video. Later you can just click on a line for the video to jump to the relevant part.
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Leigh Blackall
5 years ago

Thanks for these tools Howard. I think a zero in your list (the one before 1) should be Youtube’s annotation tools https://www.youtube.com/yt/playbook/annotations.html mainly because it’s important to know the range of functionality in such a powerful and influential platform – possibly saving us some folly in learning 3rd party tools that turn out to have limited life (or not)..