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The DSC Digital Learning Team (DLT) Blog is space where we will publish updates on our work, showcase resources relevant to all thing things learning and teaching with technology, with a particular focus on RMIT systems.

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For those of you who may not be familiar with the DSC DLT, here is a summary of who we are and what we do:

Who are we?

Angela Nicolettou, Manager, Digital Learning

Erika Beljaars-Harris, Senior Coordinator, Digital Learning Design

Howard Errey, Senior Coordinator, Digital Learning Design

Cathy Leahy, Project Officer, eLearning

Eloise Acuna, Graphic Designer

Yolanda Rios, Media Producer

Leigh Blackall, Educational Developer, GLbD

Andrea McLagan, Educational Developer, GLbD

What do we do?

The DSC Digital Learning team has been established to lead digital learning initiatives across the College and provide high quality support for schools.

Some of the ways we will provide support for schools include:

  • Building on the relationships and networks already established by Erika and Howard within the schools, by having them act as DL Reps for their nominated schools:
    • Erika: Education, PCPM and M&C
    • Howard: GUSS, Art, A&D, F&T
  • Facilitating GLbD Express projects (5 per school per semester) designed to impact online learning & teaching activities at the course level.
  • Facilitating GLbD Core projects (8 for the College) designed to impact at the program level.
  • Capability building activities (workshops and resources) for teaching staff to support Blackboard and Google suite activities, especially online assessment (one to one support is not a viable option).
  • Supporting school based projects (where possible) that focus on enhancing learning and teaching.
  • Working closely and liaising with the SALTs.
  • Providing support (where appropriate) for LTIF and PDF projects.
  • Facilitating the elearning innovation incubator (eii) for DSC.
  • Participating in a number of committees across the university that are relevant to our work, and report this through appropriate channels.
  • Developing a communication strategy that ensures relevant and timely information and resources relevant to digital learning is made available to schools.

How is work initiated and prioritised?

To ensure that requests from schools are aligned with local strategic directions and work plans, it is appropriate that they come from the Deputy Head/Dean (L&T) to Angela Nicolettou or to your school rep Erika or Howard. This approach is designed to ensure that schools are supported evenly and resources are used effectively.

We will prioritise strategic areas that are highlighted in the DSC College Plan 2015, and have began this work by implementing GLbD Express and seeing this activity as key to face2face school level support.