Youtube, machine learning and professional networks in Fashion

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The School of Fashion and Textiles has invited us back to their annual professional development day, to give an update on the work we started last year. We’ve also been asked to run a workshop to help others get started with the methods in using Youtube, creating a professional website and connecting into a professional network.

The presentation

We’ll go back over what was given to the Teaching and Learning Conference this year, adding some updated information information, to explain how we’ve been working with Andrew Robinson and his students in the Custom Made Footwear course, to build more comprehensive online profiles for teachers, students and practitioners, and connect them into an online professional network.

The workshop

  1. We’ll use Youtube to understand machine learning
  2. Explain the difference between a Youtube account and a Channel
  3. Decide whether to use an RMIT or consumer Google account to start a channel
  4. Search, subscribe to channels and create playlists, and explain the surprising usefulness of Closed Captioning
  5. Look at examples of professional websites and social media profiles, and explain who to connect into a professional network
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