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Turnitin has recently released a product upgrade which will be available to RMIT University on the 3rd of December 2016.   This new upgrade called Turnitin Feedback Studio will replace the existing classic Turnitin.  Please note that you will still be able to switch between Turnitin Classic and Feedback Studio until August the 17th, 2017; after this date the classic view will no longer be available.

While still offering the same functionalities as the old version, the new Feedback Studio offers a more simplify, streamlined and intuitive interface by bringing together into one single menu bar the grading, feedback,  and similarity checking.  This new interface allows instructors to have all the feedback in just one place, hence improving the functionality across:

  • QuickMarks
  • Feedback Summary
  • Rubric/Form
  • Originality Check/Match Overview
  • GradeMarks

For more information regarding this upgrade, read the document below.  We will be working towards updating our resources and making them available to you.  We will keep you posted!

Download (PDF, 2.04MB)

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howard errey
4 years ago

It will be interesting to learn how widely audio feedback can be applied throughout a piece of assessment compared with Kaizena and Adobe.